Playhideandseek is an ongoing photography and video project by the Norwegian artists Tine Isachsen and Sara Tanderø who live and work in Oslo, Norway. Educated at respectively The Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design London, School of Visual Arts New York, and ESAG Paris.


They have worked together as an artist duo with Playhideandseek since 2010. Their work explores the relationship between staged photography and performance. Photographs and videos from the series have been part of several exhibitions in Europe and USA. The project is a play upon the perception of identity as seen through the eyes of both the photographer and the performer. Identity is something layered and often concealed. Their characters seem to be almost out of reach as they are hiding their faces, the only thing that can identify them. It is difficult to see if the characters are real or not, human or object. They can represent the uncontrollable, animalistic and fragile that exists in all humans. Their characters are lost and detached from the real world, wandering restless in search of one new identity. They are trying to reveal themselves and bydoing this our characters take on a life of their own. The images can be seen as stills from a film. Some of the characters are doubles and clones of each other. Doubles can generate a sense of inner turmoil because they challenge the individual's experience of being unique.

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