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Marjorie Van Cura / Can't Look Away

The reception for "Marjorie Van Cura: Can't Look Away" was actively attended by many friends and colleagues on Wednesday, January 19, and is on view through February 11, 2022. Please come and see the show, a combination of two distinct bodies of work that engages and surprises especially when viewed in person. In the accompanying catalogue essay, Valentina Spalten says:

Marjorie Van Cura is driven by the ever-evolving realities of the present day. The culmination of thirty years of painting, Van Cura’s recent landscape-based abstractions are inspired by pivotal moments in contemporary history as represented by an inescapable ubiquity of mass media. Deeply impacted by environmental and sociological phenomena that continue to transform humanity, Van Cura pinpoints real life current events-based images that are striking in both conceptual paradox and aesthetic complexity, using them as a departure point for her densely-layered paintings. These works distill the familiar yet alarming urgency of the moment into a language that is graphic and expressionist, in order to create an entirely new and foreign space.

DFN Projects 16 East 79th Street - Garden Level Mon-Fri 11 am to 4 pm January 13-February 11, 2022

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