New Exhibitions Start Today: Bernice Sokol Kramer and Tom Warren

On Tuesday, October 27, 2020, we present “BERNICE SOKOL KRAMER: My Mask Is Your Mirror” and “TOM WARREN: Infinite View” thru November 24, 2020. Each of these artists has devised an esthetic dictated by found elements. Only the method diverges between them. Sokol-Kramer is a collagist, culling random imagery from magazines and other media, choosing the myriad parts to make up her bodies and spaces, obsessively filling up all the visual space, often recreating classical forms, and filling in the rest with materials easily at hand, like India ink and white-out. Warren is armed with a camera and a peripatetic nature, collecting images and displaying them either individually with time stamps or collectively, in blown up contact sheets, taking us on his journey through a day’s pictures. Each of these artists portrays and narrates consciousness, allowing the viewer to see a world hidden between the lines of polite society or oblivious nature.


Gibson Contemporary Gallery


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New York, New York