Tim Maxwell: "Dimensional Narratives" Press Release

They Were Mesmerized by the Two Vanishing Points of History (2020)

Every image has a story to tell. In some cases the story may not be immediately apparent, but if we look for it, it will be found. It would be too easy to write off a lot of art by saying “It’s just a black circle on a white surface” or “It’s just three horizontal bands of color” or “it’s just a bunch of lines.” In fact there are as many stories to tell as there are works in an exhibition, and anyone who doesn’t see the trees doesn’t even know he is, in fact, exploring a forest. The drawings of one particular artist in this case are what matter. Gibson Contemporary is pleased to present Tim Maxwell: Dimensional Narratives.

A Walk Ad Infinitum (2020)

Maxwell is a contemporary artist with a poet’s soul. He is obsessed with the myths and legends of ages past, for they create great stories which we still read today. Through his depiction of these stories, he has reached a point in his creative rigor where he realizes that the space of the story is just as important as the events or the people. Unlike the theater that superseded myth, there is no great stage upon which the actors may strut, but a real world connected intimately to a divine one. Perspective depends upon how far one needs to look in order to reveal truth.

Social Solipsism In Red (2020)

We invite you to explore the work of Tim Maxwell, whose drawings will challenge and inspire you as they have us. Look deeply into them and you may find yourself reliving the first time you encountered a place that altered your definition of what lived experience could be, whether real in wilderness or urban complexity, or imagined and dreamed, or leaping from the pages of history and myth. Tim Maxwell: Dimensional Narratives will be on view from Tuesday, August 18 at 10:00 AM until Tuesday, September 15 at 10:00 PM at Gibson Contemporary.


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