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Julianna Dail

Artist Statement

Starting with an investigation of patterns, like those found in storytelling, (mis)communication, textiles, and behaviors; my work speaks about comfort versus security, identity, gender norms, or accountability of actions. My current studio work is culled from historical fabric patterns that were once used as woven, embroidered, or cross-stitched pieces for home décor or to beautify utilitarian cloth. For my drawings, working on gridded paper creates a direct reference to the way embroidery patterns are recorded and passed down in many cultures. My woven paper sculptures enlarge the patterns, allowing them to confront the viewer with their scale. Being raised by an immigrant, culturally significant patterns were always a part of my environment – from Hutsul stitched pillows and cloths to traditional blouses, vests, and shoes. I alter these patterns, and others from a wider history, to speak about the repetitions, restrictions, and psychological to physical restructuring that are evident in our day to day and our larger shared stories.

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