Private Consulting Services

These are reserved for private clients who are not under gallery representation

Professional Audience Promotion

Our most successful promotion, offered once every month. Two pages of text to go with your images. Artist must have their own website to link. This is targeted directly to arts professionals, and includes follow up in person.

$450 / $250 for 2 or more promotions in a single 12-month period.  

Professional Writing and Editing   

Writing Samples  Testimonials

I am an excellent writer and editor. I can craft an essay to match your artwork, or I can edit one that’s already been written. I can also organize promotional materials out of various past reviews and interviews to be used for future promotion. Ghostwriting option available. $1.75 per word, 2 page minimum

Portfolio Review

If you have a select body of work but have not graduated to working in a studio, I can offer you the benefit of my guidance in consideration of your current creative development, your educational or career options, and a constructive critique to send you in the right direction as a developing artist.  I can provide constructive criticism on these and more, from my years of experience working in galleries, and curating some 133 exhibitions independently. Also I can suggest career resources and people to meet who may like your work.

Career Practices & Opportunities

Where do you want to be in your career? Do you have reasonable expectations and what can you in fact achieve? These are some of the questions we can discuss and possibly find opportunities to address, as well as the strategies and preparations necessary to move in the right direction.


How To Write/Speak Like An Artist


Learning to use language need not be a struggle. Whether written spoken, it can expand your authority in expressing the complexity of your methods, ideas, and the historical and cultural context of your work. Let me help you to develop your linguistic written or spoken abilities. 


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