Tom Warren

BORN in Lakewood, Ohio, USA, August 23, 1954



1977 Bachelor of Science, Photo-Illustration, Kent State University, School of Journalism.



2020   Gibson Contemporary Gallery, NYC

2017    The Yard Herald Square, NYC, Site Brooklyn, Visual Journal & Photographing Art Outtakes.

2013, Collecting COLAB, Portrait Studio COLAB Artists Portfolio 1981-84.

2012    Iona Bar & Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, Portrait Studio & Exhibit.

2008    Abaton Garage, Jersey City, NJ, FoneCam & Text Projections.

2007, Project Room, Visual Journal #296.

2004    Abaton Garage, NJ, Photographs, Early ‘80’s.

2000    James Fuentes Gallery, New York City, Portrait Studio.

1999, 30 Years of Photography.

1991    Willoughby Sharp Gallery, New York City, Flash.

1990    Spaces Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio, Portrait Studio.

1989    Willoughby Sharp Gallery, New York City, Portrait Studio Survey.

1985    Greathouse Gallery,  New York City.

1984    Todd’s Copy Shop, New York City, Portraits.

Red Bar, New York City, No Portraits.

1983    Fashion Moda, Bronx, New York, Portrait Studio.

            Semaphore Gallery, New York City, Portrait Studio.

1981    ABC No Rio Gallery, New York City, Portrait Studio.


GROUP EXHIBITIONS                                          


Ghost Galerie, Marseille, Anthony Eden Clark aka AOne, Retrospective, Portraits of.

Johannes Vogt Gallery, NYC, Summer of ’82, Dan Cameron Curator.


Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden, Washington DC, Brand New Art & Commodity in the 1980’s, Gianni Jetzer.

The Whitney Museum, NYC, David Wojnarowicz, History Keeps Me Awake at Night. Collaboration with Artist.

2016 Printed Matter, NYC, A More Store.

2014 The Lodge Gallery, NYC, Art & Ephemera from 98 Bowery, 1969 to 1989.

2013 Associated Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, A Little to the Left.

2012-18 Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn NY, Sideshow Nation, Annual Exhibit.

2011 Printed Mater, NYC, A Show About Colab (& Related Activities).


MAGASIN-Centre National D’Art Contemporain, Grenoble, France, On A Few Years of The Eighties’ Decade.

Jack Hanley Gallery, NYC, Menagerie Animals & Nature, Portrait Studio.

P.P.O.W., NYC, History Keeps Me Awake at Night A Genealogy of Wojnarowicz. 

a project in support of The Serpentine Gallery Education Program, London, UK, NOTEPAD, included in Reality Bag.


The Williamsburg Music Center, NYC Photolucious, Curated by Carol Blank.

Galleria los Smartkieros, NYC, Mock, Stock & Barrel An Artists’ Tibute to Richard Mock.


Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts Studio Center, NYC,Open Studios.

2006    Fuse Gallery, NYC, New York’s Own, curated by Chris ‘Daze’ Ellis.

2005    Queens Museum, Flushing, NY, The Gift Building a collection for the.

2004    East Village USA, New Museum, New York City, Dan Cameron Curatior.

            Queens International, Queens Museum of Art, NYC.

            Word of Mouth, Dinter Fine Art, NYC.

            Petite Versailles, Portrait Studio.

2003    POLARITIES, NYC, curated by Willoughby Sharp.

2002    Breathing Room, Thatcher Projects, NYC, Portrait Studio.

2001    Playground of the Fearless, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

            The South Bronx Story, by James E. Fuentes. Portrait Studio.

2000    Na’er Do Wells, curated by Alfredo Martinez & Jacob Williams, New York City.

1999    Radiant Children Art of the East Village – 1980’s, Lamia Ink, New York City.

1998    Acts of Faith, curated by Willougby Sharp, NYC.

            Words on Walls, curated by Willoughby Sharp, NYC.

1996    Portraits, Max Fish, Friends of Max Fish, New York City.

1994    Lesson in Love, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL.

1993    Blur, Remission Galleries, New York City.

1991    Willoughby Sharp Gallery, New York City.

1990    Max Fish Bar and Gallery, New York City.

1989    The May Show, The Cleveland Museum of Art.

1988    Sunrise Highway, The John Gibson Gallery, New York City.

            P.P.O.W. Gallery, New York City.

1987    Group UFO, Gracie Mansion Gallery, New York City.

            Exposed & Enveloped,Laurence Miller Gallery, New York City.

1986    A&P Gallery, Mission Gallery, New York City.

1985    Hip-Hop, Institute of North American Studies, Barcelona, Spain.

1984    Limbo, Portrait Studio, P.S. 1, New York City.

Chill Out New York, curated by Steven Kaplan, Kenkelba Gallery, New York City. Portrait Studio.

1983    Three Part Variety, Milliken Gallery, New York City.

            Pier 34, New York City.

1982    City Wildlife Museum, curated by Christi Rupp, New York City.

1981    Small Works Show, curated by Marcia Tucker, New York University, New York City.

1980    Colab Project, The Times Square Show, New York City.

            The Bad Light Photography Show, New York City.

1975    The May Show, The Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Ohio.



1982                New York State Council on the Arts, Individual Project Grant, for Portrait Studio.

1981                Independent Ex. Program, Committee for the Visual Arts.



Jetzer, Gianni, ed. Brand New Art & Commodity in the 1980’s, Rizzoli Electa, Hirshhorn, 2018.

David Wojnarowicz, History Keeps Me Awake at Night, The Whitney Museum, NYC 2018.

A Book About Colab (and Related Activities). Printed Matter Inc, NYC, 2015.

The New Collectors Book, First edition, 2012, Basak Malone LLC.

Collaborative Projects THE COLAB CONSPIRACY by Walter Robinson, artnet Magazine 2011.

Espèces D’Espace, The ‘80’s, First Part.  Yves Aupetitallot, MAGASIN, 2008.

Financial Times, Weekend, Anthony Haden- Guest, ’On The Art World’, May 6, 2006.

Art in America, “Report From NY II Tales of Bohemian Glory,” by Sarah Valdez, June/July 2005.

EAST VILLAGE USA, Cameron, Kiwin, Moore, New Museum, 2004.

Cullinan, Helen. The Cleveland Plain Dealer, “Performance Artist Exposes Nuances of Photography,” January 22, 1990.

Dialog, The May Show, Rikki Santer, Sept/Oct 1989.

Thought Objects, “Just Another Asshole #7,” Ed Barbara Ess, 1987.

Village Voice, Voice Choice, ‘Exposed & Enveloped’, Aletti, July 14, 1987.

Photo District News, “Artistic Endeavors,” by Lynn Padwe, September, 1986.

East Village Guide, “Portraits of Art Dealers,” 1986.

East Village Eye, review by Judd Tully, June, 1985.       

ABC No Rio Dinero The Story of a Lower East Side Art Gallery, Moore & Miller, 1985.

Art in America, “East Village,” article by Robinson/McCormik, Summer, 1984.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer, “Fashion Moda Fest @ Spaces,” by Helen Cullinan, Sunday, April 22, 1984.

Appearances #9, “No Rio Portraits,” Ed Robert Witz, Spring, 1983.

East Village Eye, “Some Portraits,” by Richard Armijo, December, 1981.



1979-2016      Artist, freelance photographer, New York City.

1988-90          Photography Instructor, Art Studio Department, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio.

1983-2013      Photographer, Sotheby’s Photo Studio.

1978-83          Freelance photographer’s & artist’s assistant.

1979-80          Window display, Macy’s Herald Square, New York.

1978                Merchant marine, United States, Steel Corporation.

1977                Editor in Chief, The Chestnut Burr Yearbook, Kent State University.

1976                Internship as staff photographer for Blossom Music Center/The Cleveland Orchestra.

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New York, New York