David Gibson is an art dealer with a long history in the contemporary art world. He grew up in a gallery-owning family.

He graduated from Bradford College in 1994 with a degree in Humanities focusing on literature, writing, and history. Following that he was Managing Director at The John Gibson Gallery from 1994-2001. During that time he also interned at Artforum Magazine and worked as a preparator for El Museo Del Barrio.

In 1996 he began to write about art and in 2000 he started curating exhibitions independently, which brought him access to new communities of artists and different walks of life in New York and beyond. He continued to write and curate profusely, organizing exhibitions in commercial galleries and non-traditional spaces; he joined historically important artist-run nonprofits as a board member; he organized artist lecture and panel series; and he traveled to lecture and curate at many state universities and regional nonprofit galleries.

After nearly two decades of activity, he took a break from this and began private consulting. Now in 2020 he is establishing an online art gallery under the same name, working long term with select artists who are new to his focus but who have been in his view for some time. Some have appeared in his past group exhibitions,  or met him through artists of prior familiarity.



I met David Gibson in 2000 having been referred to him by my good friend and colleague the painter Lisa Stefanelli. A friend in the Digital Design community Rosemary Flannery had introduced me to Lisa after I told her that I was determined to make a go of a serious painting career having spent some time in a successful Broadcast Design career. I contacted David and was surprised to get a quick response where we scheduled a studio visit. Glad I was in town that Memorial Day Weekend!. We had an amazing studio visit where I was struck by his insight and critical depth. His grasp on my work gave me a handle on my own practice that was invaluable. Our conversations to this day really make me think. I have been honored to be included in many of David’s curated exhibitions. I have included his critical essay on my work on my website. I have also been glad to participate in PlaySpace Magazine which opened my thinking to project and art journalism. Everyone I know in the Art World and everything I have done I can trace directly back to David Gibson.



I first met David in 2004. I was working in advertising as an art director and also held a studio practice in my tiny apartment in the West Village. A mutual friend suggested I contact David for a studio visit. David was incredibly insightful and gracious. He helped me, as a shy artist, to articulate the meaning of my own work and become more resourceful with the goal of getting my work out there. He offered historical references as well as contemporary ones to my work and provided constructive opinions. Since that time, David and I have worked on several projects together. He has included me in group shows in Manhattan and Brooklyn. He continues to encourage and inform my work. He is passionate as well as greatly knowledgeable. His instincts are spot on and he is incredibly supportive. I owe a good bit to David for his guidance throughout the years and credit him in giving me the confidence to show my work. I highly recommend David’s expertise as both a curator and a writer. 

David Gibson is a prolific writer and curator with a wealth of art world knowledge. I met David Gibson in 1998 at John Gibson Gallery in SoHo. As a visual artist I was freelance writing for NYArts Magazine. David told me that he edited and published an online magazine called Article. When David Gibson was curating his first group exhibition, Sugar+Spice (2000) he visited my studio. Since then David has visited my studio when choosing my work for ten group exhibitions, most notably ID_Entity at NURTUREart, Brooklyn (2003), Beautiful Dreamer at SPACES in Cleveland (2006), and My Heroes at Jack the Pelican Presents (2009). For several years David Gibson was the director of Realform Project Space, a small storefront window art gallery on Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn for which David curated 40 monthly solo exhibitions for artists, including an installation of my works on paper titled Portals of Truth (2003). Another of David Gibson’s projects is the artist lecture series Real Art Today, for which I participated in 2006. David Gibson has written many catalogue essays for artists, and in 2011 I hired David Gibson to write the catalogue essay for my solo exhibition Womania at Wandergalerie, Barcelona, Spain, as he has an in-depth understanding of my figurative painting. Since 2000 David has curated over 130 exhibitions while continually publishing his critical writing in many national and international art magazines. I highly recommend David Gibson as an experienced and professional writer and curator.

I have known David Gibson for almost ten years, ever since a friend brought him to my studio. David spoke enthusiastically and knowledgeably about painting, the art world, and art in general. We discussed his writing and curating activities and his ideas for future exhibitions. David has a curatorial mind--he is able to see and establish connections among a variety of contemporary art forms. I have seen David relentlessly pursue exhibition venues and opportunities for independent artists. I've participated in several of David's exhibitions and have found them to be professionally handled and well-received.

It is my pleasure to write a few words on behalf of David Gibson (no relation). I've known David for several years, he has been a true supporter throughout this time. I first met David in about 2009, when he showed many of my watercolor cut outs in Williamsburg. He has always been a smart curator, offering constructive criticism as needed. The second time we met he curated my paintings into a show in the lower east side. It was a great line-up with some others art that has stayed with me to this day. I know his endeavors go well beyond curatorial and he is a writer as well as much more.



David Gibson was invaluable in the writing of my artist’s statement. I hardly knew the importance of having one before I met him, and I left the workshop with enough inspiration to write three. I am confident that meeting David was a game-changer, and I now feel properly prepared to advance my career.

ANNE LAPRADE SEUTHE, Director of Hampden Gallery, University of Massachusetts in Amherst

David Gibson is unparalleled in his passion and commitment to curating contemporary art. Over the past twenty years, David  has brought a number of thought provoking, high caliber exhibitions to Hampden Gallery at the University of Massachusetts. His role as Curator in Residence has resulted in a rich network among New England and NY artists, which continues to grow and thrive. He's the real deal!



I first met David Gibson at Bushwick Open Studios a number of years ago.  He expressed interest in my work and encouraged me to follow up with him which I subsequently did.  Following our initial meeting David invited me to participate in some of his group shows at locations such as Trestle Gallery in Brooklyn and Station Independent Projects in NYC.  David has also been a successful dealer for some of my larger paintings which have found homes in private collections.  David has a wide knowledge of art and I have felt fortunate to have him be so supportive of my work.  I look forward to working with him again in the future.

LEAH OATES, Director of Station Independent Projects

I have known David Gibson for many years now and have followed his curating and art writing with interest over this time frame. David is steadfast, astute and is a brilliant curator and writer. I opened a gallery approximately five years ago on the Lower East Side in NYC and immediately invited David to curate shows at my gallery Station Independent Projects. He has curated two shows at Station Independent Projects thus far both of which were excellent conceptually and visually and he will be curating a third show at the gallery in October 2017. I wanted to work with David, as he is professional, his shows are striking and timeless and he is a professional on all levels. I highly recommend David Gibson to other galleries, museums and art non-profits who are looking to work with talented independent curators like David and to artists that are looking for professional advice, promotion or to connect with a true professional who knows the art business inside and out.

I met David Gibson in the mid-2000’s through mutual friends and since I had an LA based practice I contacted David for advice about getting into the cycles of the art world in NY. He was very kind on the phone and agreed to meet with me. Over coffee, in his distinctively generous way, David shared his thoughts and advice about how to work on that idea as a west coast artist. Later, in what became ongoing exchanges, he offered to include my artwork in an exhibition he was curating with Jennifer Junkermeier and which went on to be exhibited in 2 different venues. So David was then, as he continues to be now, a great ally, a notable source of specific knowledge and shared opportunities for serious arts practitioners and he cares about the broader context for all our work and knows how to how to help others in their projects.

WALTER O'NEILL, former Director of Educational Alliance Art School and Rubenstein Gallery

Between 2002 and 2009 David Gibson organized six outstanding exhibitions for the Educational Alliance, Ernest Rubenstein Gallery.  The exhibits brought high quality contemporary art to the general public of the Educational Alliance Art School and community center.  These exhibits dramatically increased the visibility of the Educational Alliance attracting hundreds of people to openings as well as putting this community gallery on the map of the burgeoning Lower East Side art scene.   The underlying concepts of the exhibits were timely and might not have been understood by the general public, but David selected artwork that was visually appealing to a broad audience. The exhibits included: Better Half, Beauty's Burden, Made in the USA, Squared, VOID, and Some are Painting II. Many of the then-emerging artists that David exhibited are now established artists. 


I have known David Gibson for over 15 years. David is an extremely knowledgeable and highly intelligent art consultant, art critic and writer, and Curator of Contemporary Art. I first met David back in 1999-2000 when he first started curating shows, and he has been working extensively in this realm since that time. David has shown my work in many exhibitions that he has curated in many different venues over the years. Some of the exhibitions that David curated were in New York City and others were outside of the New York area as well. He also wrote a catalog for a solo exhibition that I had at the University of Central Florida in Orlando in 2003, and has often promoted my work in various capacities. I would highly recommend David for any art related work. He is extremely well-versed in the art lexicon of the contemporary art world.

I met David Gibson in 2013 at a show he curated for Trestle Gallery in Brooklyn. Then, I attended his seminar called “How to Have a Statement” for emerging artists. Articulate and insightful, David Gibson proved to be a valuable resource. I subsequently earned an MFA through the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Through intelligent discussions and studio visits, he articulated connections within my work to a larger art historical context. As a curator and writer, David Gibson is eloquently perceptive and offers a great deal of beneficial expertise. 




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