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1. Allan Kaprow: Days Off: A Calendar of Happenings (1967) early solo exhibition, of “Days Off Calendar” published by the Museum of Modern Art by the ‘Father of the Happening.’

2. Anti-Form (1968) important early exhibition featuring works by Eva Hesse, Panamarenko, Robert Ryman, Richard Serra, Alan Saret, Keith Sonnier, and Richard Tuttle.


3. Richard Long (1969), the second ever solo exhibition of this famous artist, and his first inNew York City.


4. Ecologic Art (1969) important early exhibition for Land and Enviromental Art. This announcement is part of the design collection at The Museum of Modern Art.


5. Peter Hutchinson: Landscapes (1969) fourth ever solo exhibition for this Land Art pioneer, second with John Gibson, for which the artist trekked up to the mouth of an active volcano, leaving a trail of Wonder bread to mark his path.


6. Christo (1969)


7. Dennis Oppenheim (1969) first solo exhibition with John Gibson, all classic Land Art works including “Boundary Split” (1968) in which the artist creates a symbolic liminal space on the natural border between Canada and America.


8. Panamarenko (1969)


9. Will Insley: Channel Space (1969). Simultaneous exhibition Institute of Contemporary Art Philadelphia.


10. Performance & Activities (1970)


11. Peter Hutchinson (1970)


12. Vito Acconci (1971) image from performance "Kissing Piece"

All cards measure 4 by 6 inches and are single sided, except Panamarenko, which folds out like a small poster.

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